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Carter, John. John Carter was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs (David Innes, Carson Napier, Shoz-Dijiji, Tarzan) and appeared in a number of stories and ten novels from 1912 to 1948, beginning with “Under the Moons of Mars” (The All-Story Magazine, Feb. 1912). John Carter is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a Civil War veteran (for the Confederacy) who is transported by mysterious means to Mars, which has less gravity than Earth and makes the athletic Carter into a superhuman warrior. Carter encounters a literally colorful variety of Martians, from the warlike, four-armed Green Martians to the religious fanatic White Martians. Carter finds adventure, falls in love with a Green Martian, Princess Dejah Thoris, and becomes an intimate and comrade-in-arms of the leaders of Mars.

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