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Blake, Reginald. Dr. Reginald Blake was created by David Douglas (Patty Paget) and appeared in four stories in People's Magazine in 1917, beginning with “Chronicles of Dr. Reginald Blake” (People’s Magazine, Feb. 1917).

Dr. Reginald Blake is a Big-Headed Dwarf Genius. He is a very smart man in his late twenties and is both a medical doctor and a believer in spiritualism. He solves crimes with both his intelligence and with his substantial intuition, the source of which comes from, he claims, the "nearness of the spiritual to the natural world." He shares a medical practice with his younger brother Dick, working in their main office in fashionable uptown San Francisco and in a clinic for the poor in the Tenderloin. Blake is not physically fit; he is small and fragile, with an oversized head set awkwardly atop a child’s body. His best friend, Blunderstone, is the series' narrator.

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