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Audaz. Audaz was created by the Brazilian creators Messias de Mello and “Aroum” and appeared in the comic strip “Audaz, O Demolidor” (Gazetinha, Dec. 17, 1938-1940, Gazeta, 1948-1949); the strip was reprinted in Spain in 1949.

Audaz (“Daring” ) is a giant (in some panels skyscraper-sized) robot controlled by the brilliant Brazilian scientist Doctor Blum, his adult assistant Greggor, and Jaques Ennes, the son of a tycoon (literally called “the Capitalist”) who pilots The Corsair, a high-tech submarine. They all fight a variety of science fictional opponents, including Mad Scientists, hidden islands ruled by men-hating princesses, the Scorpion (the hooded head of an international criminal organization), and Enigma, a villain who leaves riddles to hint at his upcoming crimes.

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