The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Petr Darialsky

darialskyDarialsky, Petr. Petr Darialsky was created by Andrei Bely and appeared in the Russian novel Serebrianyi Golub’ (1909). Petr Darialsky is a member of the Russian intelligentsia. But he is none too bright, gloomy over the failure of the 1905 Revolution, and altogether too sex obsessed, and when he goes in search of the real Russia, he discovers a lascivious peasant woman, Matrena, with whom he spends months in coition. But Matrena’s roommate, an old carpenter named Kudeiarov, is a member of the Doves, a religious sect, and Kudeiarov has engineered the meeting of Darialsky and Matrena so that they can produce a “Dove child,” an infant who will redeem the world. The effort fails, the occult and demonic aspect of the Doves is revealed, and Darialsky is ritually sacrificed.

A fair example of the pre-Communist Russian occult novel.

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