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It’s New Year’s Eve! Let’s talk about lutefisk!

We’ve been blaming the French for various woes for decades, if not centuries, although the British have been doing it for a lot longer. (The O.E.D. has a pejorative use of “Frenchified” dating back to 1592). But let’s not forget … Continue reading

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Cyberpunk master’s thesis bibliography.

Last week I provided a Cyberpunk 101 reading list in response to some discussion over on Twitter about the game Cyberpunk 2077. As follow-up, I ordered a copy of my master’s thesis (“The Evolution of the Myth of the Frontier in Cyberpunk”, … Continue reading

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Your basic Cyberpunk 101 reading list

Cyberpunk 2077‘s more regrettable & problematic design choices prompted some discussion–well, a lot of discussion, really–over on Twitter. And one thing led to another and people started discussing the genre of cyberpunk and not just the macho wankery of Cyberpunk 2077. … Continue reading

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