Zoro. “Everyone asks, ‘Who is Zoro?’ But no one knows the answer. Elusive as a shadow, devastating as a bolt of lightning, velvet-smooth of manner, diamond-keen of wit, steel-strong of body, Zoro the Mystery Man strolls nonchalantly through life, seeking dangerous adventure wherever he can find it, overthrowing evil wherever it exists, and always keeping his identity a baffling, mysterious secret.” Zoro is a gentleman adventurer. He carries gadgets like a sword cane and a gun disguised as a cigarette, has a pet cheetah, Cheeta, and he fights evil wherever he finds it. He fights masked madmen like the Dragon, the Terror, and Zoroastro, he saves the Dalai Lama, he fights against Amazonian witch doctors, and fake zombies and invisible whips. He appears in stories with titles like “The Horned Masks,” “Black Giant, the Man From the Grave,” and “Zanelli, Duce of Racketeers.”

First Appearance: Slam-Bang Comics #6 (Fawcett), Aug 1940. 18 appearances, 1940 1942. Created by Alfred Duca and ?
















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