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Silence, Doctor. Doctor Silence was created by Algernon Blackwood and appeared in six stories, five of which were collected in John Silence (1908).

Doctor Silence is a Superhuman Occult Detective. John Silence is a medical doctor and is quite capable of healing the sick and of operating. But because of his wealth—he is independently wealthy, the source of his riches never being revealed—he chooses to practice medicine only on those who cannot afford to pay. He runs a clinic, but it rarely requires his attendance. He is far more interested in investigating psychic and occult phenomena. Towards this goal he put himself through five years of “long and severe training, at once physical, mental and spiritual.” It gave him psychic abilities, usually undefined but of the sort that allow him to cast off evil mesmeric influences. Among the opponents Silence vanquishes are astral werewolves, fire elementals, and generalized evil fiends. Silence is over 40, on the thin side, with brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard. He is (justifiably) full of self-confidence.

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