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Shooting Gallery Kid. The Shooting Gallery Kid was created by W. Ryerson Johnson (Guncat Bodman, Len Siringo) and appeared in “The Shooting Gallery Kid” (Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine, Aug 7 1943) and “Shooting-Gallery Gold” (Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine, Oct 30, 1943).

The Shooting Gallery Kid is a wandering cowboy. His real name is Wah Lee, and he is an Americanized Chinese who learned how to use guns while working in a San Francisco shooting gallery. Although he is fat and pleasant looking, he is a crack shot and is deadly with the “thin-fingered knives” he brought with him from China. (He keeps them tucked into his sleeves). Wah Lee rides the trail with the big, blond, extroverted, cowpoke Double-Trouble Dawson, and the introverted, smart little man Mouse, the brains of the trio.

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