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The Scorpion (II). The Scorpion (II) was created by “Randolph Craig,” the pseudonym of Norvell Page (Dick Barrett, Bill Carter, Ken Carter, Death Angel, Dunne, Octopus (II), Feargod Peace, Spider (II), Jules Tremaine, Wan Tengri), and by Edith & Eljer Jacobsen (Octopus (II), Nat Perry) and appeared in The Scorpion #1 (1939).

The Scorpion is a kind of sequel to The Octopus (see: Octopus (II)), published two months after the cancellation of The Octopus. The Scorpion (II) is roughly the same character as the Octopus (II): a Mad Scientist who leads the Purple Eyes cult and fights Jeffrey Fairchild, the Killer Vigilante Skull Killer. (The Scorpion differs from the Octopus only in appearance). The Scorpion uses hypnotic drugs and machines to turn ordinary men and women into kill-crazed, purple-eyed monsters. The Scorpion’s headquarters is underneath a garbage incinerator, and he uses garbage trucks for his transportation, rightly thinking that no one would ever suspect those. The Skull Killer stops the Scorpion’s plot but does not kill him.

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