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Rapace. Rapace was created by the Canadian author Marc Arnim (Yves Gendron, Tom Lenoir) and appeared in Les Aventures Extraordinaires de Rapace #1-239? (1945-1953).

Rapace is a secret agent and spy for the Canadian government. He is active in Montreal and around the world, and his adventures occasionally verge on the fantastic. He fights murderers who use syringes filled with uranium, cursed statues, a variety of costumed villains (“The Silent Death,” “The Man in Black,” “The Steel Claw”), international criminal syndicates, (“The Empire of Crime”), Soviet spies, zombies, crooked policemen, and Femmes Fatale. He appears in stories with titles like “The Rats,” “The Invisible Assassin,” and “Chasing a Spy.”

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