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Pitung, Si. Si Pitung (?-?) was a bandit and local strongman criminal in Batavia, in Java; his years of greatest activity were in 1892 and 1893. He was a jago, one of the legendary rural bandits of colonial Java who played (or was perceived to play) the role of the Robin Hood for the native Javans and who resisted the colonial Dutch. Si Pitung is the best known and most legendary of the jago, and even today his grave is (reportedly) regarded as a powerful, magical place. Si Pitung became the hero of a wide range of Indonesian ballads, short stories, plays, and movies from the late 1920s to the 1940s.

The fictional Si Pitung is variously portrayed as a romantic Robin Hood-style Gentleman Bandit, an anti-Dutch Lupin, a cultural hero of the orang Betawi (the original inhabitants of Jakarta), or as an anti-Dutch, nationalist resistance leader. Si Pitung robs the houses of wealthy landowners and gives the money back to the poor. He is full of charming bravado and is an accomplished thief and bandit, having escaped from prison several times. He is an active womanizer. And he and his followers are thought to use magical weapons and to possess Superhuman magical powers.

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