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Pinkerton, Nat. Nat Pinkerton appeared in the German dime novel Nat Pinkerton, der König der Detectivs #1-476 (1907-1915). Pinkerton appeared in thousands of unauthorized sequels, across Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and the Middle East, in twelve languages, from 1907 to 1933. Pinkerton was based on Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884), the founder of the Pinkerton Agency, the first detective agency in the United States.

Nat Pinkerton is a Great Detective, modeled on Nick Carter (I), who runs his own detective agency, the National Detective Agency, and solves cases around the world. His two closest assistants in the Agency are Bob Ruhland and Heinz Morrison. Pinkerton’s Lestrade is Edgar Duncan, a police inspector too dull to solve any of the difficult cases which Pinkerton takes on, and too jealous to admit that Pinkerton is the better detective or to give Pinkerton any official assistance. Pinkerton’s opponents are only a little less varied than Nick Carter’s or Sexton Blake’s. Pinkerton intervenes to solve the conspiracy behind President McKinley’s assassination. Pinkerton fights “Chinese Karl,” the Yellow Peril lord of New York’s Chinatown, fights pirates on the Hudson, a killer mesmerist, a rogue lion tamer, Oka-Yuma, an Evil Surgeon, a thinly-disguised Irene Adler, nihilists in Chicago, a monstrous altered hound courtesy of the Dr. Moreau-like Mad Scientist Doctor Myann, a murderous orang utan, the Big-Headed Dwarf Genius Yellow Peril Li Lo Tsching, a U-boat pirate, a lethal Lupin, a subterranean city inhabited by the descendants of Lost Race escaped slaves, and Professor Fox, Pinkerton’s Moriarty. Pinkerton even meets A.J. Raffles in the film serial Raffles Contro Nat Pinkerton (1912).

Pinkerton appears in stories with titles like "The Devil's Automobile," "The Armoire of Cadavers," "In the Den of the Sea Criminals," and "Mr. Kennedy's Orangutan."

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