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Patoruzu. Patoruzu was created by the Argentinian creator Dante Quinterno and appeared in the comic strips “Aventuras de Don Gil Contento” (1928-1931) and “Patoruzu” (1931-1977).

Patoruzu is a native Argentinian who is a member of the Tehuelche tribe. When Patoruzu comes of age he is made the chief of the Tehuelche. However, though the chiefdom comes with gold, cattle and land, it also comes with an obligation, to win the three feathers of the tribe: "the first by his defense of the oppressed, the second by his power to right wrongs, and the third by his humility." Although Patoruzu has plenty of humility he sets out on a quest to earn the three feathers. Patoruzu travels to Buenos Aires, where he picks up Renaldo, a petty thief who tries to steal money from Patoruzu. Patoruzu then goes to America, where he helps an Apache tribe and receives in return a magic flute which will convert any listener to the "path of reform and goodness." Patoruzu uses the flute on Renaldo and then goes in search of the Devil himself.

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