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Patki, Doctor. Doctor Patki was created by “Alfred Williams,” the pseudonym of William A. Fort (Robert Field), and appeared in three stories in Short Stories in 1911, beginning with “The Man With the Green Bag” (Short Stories, Jan. 1911).

Doctor Patki is a Superhuman Mad Scientist. A German, Patki was sent to Siberia in 1899 after the American government turned him over to the Russians. Ten years later, Patki has been released and has gone to America, intent on revenge. He has mesmeric abilities, but worse, he has a “devil machine,” which is several small dry batteries which operate an electric coil, which puts out “a tertiary form of electric wave,” which when beamed through various drugs transmits them into organic matter. Patki uses this to transmit everything from opium to strychnine into the bodies of his enemies.

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