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Parodi, Don Isidro. Don Isidro Parodi was created by “H. Bustos Domecq,” the pseudonym of the Argentinian authors Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares (Dr. Morel), and appeared in six stories in Seis Problemas para Don Isidro Parodi (1942).

Don Isidro Parodi is an Armchair Detective. Parodi is an Argentinian. He used to be a barber, although he was uniquely knowledgeable about Buenos Aires’ secrets. Unfortunately, he was framed for political reasons during the last election and was sent to jail for twenty-one years for homicide. Once in jail Parodi turned his formidable intellect to the solving of crimes. The locals, who are quite aware of Parodi’s capabilities, bring him problems to solve, which he does, easily.

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