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Parker, Average. Average Parker was created by “Hamlin Daly,” a pseudonym of E. Hoffmann Price (Pâwang Ali, Pierre d’Artois, Honest John Carmody, Cliff Cragin, Don Cragston, Saul Epstein, Glenn Farrell, Simon Bolivar Grimes, Glenn Haley, Ishmeddin, Jim Kane, Matalaa, Dr. Zeng Tse-Lin), and appeared in “Jest Average” (Spicy Western Stories, Dec. 1936) and “Wedding in Dead Man’s Marsh” (Romantic Western, Jan. 1938).

Average Parker is the tall, lean owner of the A-Bar-P ranch. He and the ranch are suffering under three years of bad luck, which have “left his spread with a string of mortgages longer than a Chinese dream.” Parker is in love with Sybil, a beautiful woman who unfortunately suffers from neuralgia. Sybil is but one of many of Parker’s Woman Troubles, as many of them want him. He’s also got money troubles, which usually lead to gunplay. Parker rides Tomcat, a “hammer headed mustang.”

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