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O’Wynn, Winnie. Winnie O’Wynn was created by Bertram Atkey (Smiler Bunn, Dragour, Easy Street Experts, Prosper Fair, Hobart Honey, George H. Jay, Mesmer Milann) and appeared in nineteen stories and two short story collections from 1920 to 1925, beginning with “Winnie and the Wolves” (Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 23, 1920).

Winnie O’Wynn is a Con Man. She is a British woman in her late teens or early twenties. She was abandoned by her father and forced to rely on her own devices to make her way in the world. Fortunately for O’Wynn, she has two advantages over other people: a “clear-cut cool, quiet courage that rendered her impervious to any kind of fear: and “the possession of plenty of brains and few scruples.” She is “extraordinarily pretty” and looks sweet and dainty, and she plays up the naïf/ingénue appearance for all it’s worth. She moves to London and becomes a superb swindler and con-woman, separating men (including George H. Jay) from their money with the greatest of ease, all the while tut-tutting to herself that all men are wolves and that a young girl alone in the world must do what she can to protect herself.

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