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Oscar-Bill. Oscar-Bill was created by "Érik," the pseudonym of the French author André René Jolly (Dr. Fulminate, Martin Gale, Professor Magnus), and appeared in Les Exploits Extraordinaires d’Oscar-Bill le Roi des Détectives #1-8 (1931) and Oscar-Bill le Roi des Détectives Dans Ses Exploits Extraordinaires #9-26 (1931).

The French Oscar-Bill is a small, bespectacled man, with a thick mustache and a small hat. He is not particularly tough-looking but is world-renowned and is as "omniscient as Nick Carter." He is tenacious and always smiles, even when threatened with death. Oscar-Bill is assisted by his dog, Flok, and by his best friend, the journalist Toukrak. Oscar-Bill takes on thieves, kidnapers, villainous American cowboys, sinister Chinese Yellow Perils and Tong hatchet men, but he often finds that his archenemy, Bill Archinoy, is behind the crimes he is investigating. The high point of the series is Oscar-Bill’s clash with Professor Mephisto, which takes Oscar-Bill into Mephisto's electric underground city.

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