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November Joe. November Joe was created by Hesketh Prichard (Don Q, Hayden, Geoff Heronhaye) and appeared in sixteen stories in Pearson’s Magazine (U.K.) in 1912 and 1913, beginning with “Sir Andrew’s Advice” (Pearson’s Magazine (U.K.), July 1912); the stories were collected in November Joe: The Detective of the Woods (1913).

November Joe is a native "special contract detective" for the "Québéc Provincial Police," operating in the wilds of southern Canada and northern New England. He is fearsomely good at tracking criminals through the wilderness and reading Nature's signs in order to catch the bad guys. He is an excellent woodsman and an ace shot. He depends on "clear reasoning" and his knowledge of woodcraft to find clues and track down criminals.

November Joe is "near six feet tall, lithe and powerful, with a neck like a column, and a straight-featured face, the sheer good looks of this son of the woods were disturbing. He was clearly also not only the product but the master of his environment...he has splendid grey eyes." November Joe is chivalric towards women, who in turn find him very appealing, half for his looks and half for his personality and manners. Joe is Watsoned by James Quaritch, a former miner forced to take a vacation due to his nerves.

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