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Nighthawk. The Nighthawk was created by Sydney Horler (Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp, Brian Fordinghame, Rex Hartley, Martin HuishGerald Lissendale, Justin March, George Meatyard, Sebastian Quin, Tiger Standish, Baron Veseloffsky, Dr. Paul Vivanti) and appeared in a number of stories and seven novels and short story collections from 1936 to 1954, beginning with “Night Hawk” (Thriller, Oct. 24, 1936).

Gerald Frost is the Nighthawk, a cracksman and jewel thief who thinks nothing of breaking laws and stealing but is so offended by "society ladies of questionable virtue" that he makes a habit of targeting them. He steals jewelry from them and uses their own lipstick to scrawl the word "wanton" on their pillows as they sleep.

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