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The New Leatherstocking. The New Leatherstocking appeared in the German dime novel Der Neue Lederstrumpf #1-587 (1912-1923); the series was reprinted across Europe through 1934.

The New Leatherstocking is Old Wawerly, a post-Civil War version of James Fenimore Cooper’s Hawkeye. Old Wawerly is active on the American frontier in the 1870s and 1880s. He lives in a stone house of his own construction in the frontier town of South Fork with his daughter Mary (who occasionally has some adventures of her own) and two sons. Old Wawerly dresses in furs and acts as a combination cowboy, detective, and adventurer, often teaming up with Buffalo Bill, although his usual sidekick is the native Tungas and the prairie hound Hurricane.

New Leatherstocking’s stories occasionally incorporate historical figures, such as the opera singer Jenny Lind (1820-1887), and sometimes verge on the fantastic, as when he encounters, in the jungles of Mexico, the “City of the Gorilla Men” and “the Legacy of the Aztecs.” He kills a manitu, meets The Robinsons, fights pirates on the Mississippi, meets Frank Reade, Jr., meets the historical Buffalo Bill, acts as a bodyguard for the American President’s personal courier, fights Confederate generals who plan a second Civil War, fights “the new Sitting Bull,” “Satan’s Brute,” “the Golden God,” and Yellow Peril opium dealers in San Francisco.

Old Wawerly appears in stories with titles like “The White Judas,” “The Terrifying Night of the Singer Jenny Lind,” and “The Wizard of the Seminoles.”

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