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Nelson, Jack. Jack Nelson was created by the German author Joe Morris (Will Morton) and appeared in Jack Nelson vom Tric-Trac-Tric #1-30 (1925-1926).

Jack Nelson is a Costumed Avenger. In the future world of 1999, there are new men and new technology, but crime and evil remain. To fight this crime, the Tric-Trac-Tric have formed. They are a secret organization of ninety-nine black-helmeted vigilantes who are the terror of criminals everywhere. Leading the fight is Jack Nelson, the best agent of the Tric-Trac-Tric and a master of fighting, guns, boxing, football, motorcycles, automobiles, flying and swimming. The arch-enemy of Nelson and the Tric-Trac-Tric is the World Crime League, which is led by the Big-Headed Dwarf Genius Yellow Peril Ta Clo, an Indian with Superhuman mental powers. Nelson takes on “the Living Death,” the King of New York’s Beggars, the Phantom of Ditmoore House, and a Texas train robber. Nelson appears in stories with titles like "The Cowboy of Death," "The Blackfoot Profiteer," and "The Flaming Auto."

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