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Necmi, Pire. Pire Necmi was created by “Behçet Riza,” the pseudonym of the Turkish authors Cemil Cahit Cem (Cemal Dogan, Badik Hilmi) and M. Rakim, and appeared in Pire Necmi-Kanli Vak’alar Koleksiyonu #1-10 (1928) and Pire Necmi'nin Maceralari #1-8 (1933).

Pire (Flea) Necmi is a Lupin. Turkish, and working in Istanbul, he is small, tough (brutal when he has to be), and clever–like Arsène Lupin, Necmi always informs his victims ahead of time when he is going to rob them and what he is going to rob them of–and enriches himself while solving a series of violent and bloody murders and eluding the police in the person of Special Police Detective Mehmet Ali. Necmi is a Western-oriented Turk, unlike the Kemalist Mehmet Ali. Necmi appears in stories with titles like “Bloody Knife,” “The Millionaire Bandit,” and “The Licentious Fairies.”

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