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El Murcielago. El Murcielago was created by “Boixcar,” the pseudonym of the Spanish writer Guillermo Sánchez Boix (Black Knight (II)), and appeared in El Murcielago #1-6 (1943).

El Murcielago is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger based on The Batman. A young student and sportsman, Juan Jose Hidalgo, exchanges bad words and threats with the bald villain, the Mad Scientist Señor Z, who lives in a sinister medieval castle and tries to steal the formula for the explosive Z-V-5. Hidalgo decides to fight crime in a costume. He invents SCIENCE! in his Batcave-like lair and uses those inventions (like the Radiant Crystal, a magic monocle that can emit sleep rays or death rays or even materialize solid images) and his superpowers, which include invulnerability, hypnosis, the control over a flock of bats (which obey his every command), and the ability to project beams of force from his hands, to fight Señor Z and his Yellow Peril ally and his Tong hatchetmen. After defeating Señor Z et al., El Murcielago decides to murder all the surplus Chinese [sic] and sends them all into outer space while they are sleeping.

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