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Moran, Frank. Frank Moran was created by R.E. Dupuy and appeared in a number of stories in All Detective Magazine in 1934, beginning with “Man, Beasts and Guns” (All Detective Magazine, June 1934).

Frank Moran is a Killer Vigilante. Moran is a big game hunter, but his gentle brother Jim is tortured to death by the wicked gangster Mike Bolso. This causes Moran to swear vengeance against Bolso and use the tactics and weapons of big game hunting against Bolso and his men. Moran classifies Bolso and his men into jackals, coyotes, wolves, and tigers, and goes to work, shooting some with a .45, using a curare-poisoned dart on another, a bear-trap on a third, and so on. Moran takes care of witnesses by throwing red pepper into their eyes. Moran is “lanky yet graceful body—the body of an athlete…hawkfaced. The close-cropped hair held a tinge of gray but the keen blue eyes were those of youth, despite the network of tiny wind-wrinkles framing them—stamp of the outdoor man…impassive, self-contained.”

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