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Monk, Karl. Karl Monk was created by “Fredrik Viller,” the pseudonym of the Norwegian author Christian Sparre, and appeared in Kaptein Monks Oplevelser (1897), Gamle Friks Diamant (1898), and Det Hemmelighedsfulde Skib (1899).

Karl Monk is a Great Detective. Monk was the first modern Norwegian fictional detective. He is a policeman-turned-consulting detective. He used to be the Chief Investigator of Kristiana (Oslo), but he made an error on one case. His sweetheart was falsely charged, and although she was found innocent Monk let his feelings interfere with the case and was fired for it. Monk became a private detective, and uses a skill with disguises and modern technology, including electricity, photography, and telephones, to solve cases. He has far more compassion than does Sherlock Holmes, and is notably sympathetic toward the powerless and poor. In Det Hemmelighedsfulde Skib Monk helps the Spanish government defeat a “reactionary” organization which is smuggling weapons into Spain from the United States.

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