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Mongoose. The Mongoose was created by Johnston McCulley (The Avenging Twins, Bat (II), Black Star, Jim Bodney, Crimson Clown, Captain Goodwin, Green Ghost, Richard Hughes, Man in Purple, Peter Noggins, Peanut Pete, Spider (I), Thubway Tham, Thunderbolt (I), Terry Trimble, Whirlwind, Zorro) and appeared in twelve stories in Detective Fiction Weekly from 1932 to 1936, beginning with “Alias the Mongoose” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Mar. 26, 1932).

The Mongoose is a Costumed Avenger. Sidney Carleigh’s father was William Cratch, a bookkeeper who was framed by crooks and who died in prison. Carleigh’s revenge is to dress up as the Mongoose and rob and humiliate the men responsible for his father’s death. Carleigh is assisted by his sister Eleanor, who works undercover to get close to the criminals and set them up for the Mongoose’s robberies.

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