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Mister Death (I). Mister Death (I) was created by “G. Wayman Jones,” a Standard Magazines pseudonym which in this case was used by D.L. Champion (Inspector Allhoff, Mariano Mercado, Phantom Detective, Rex Sackler), and appeared in eleven stories and a novel from 1932 to 1939, beginning with “Alias Mr. Death” (Thrilling Detective, Feb. 1932).

Mister Death (I) is a Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilante. Mister Death (I) is James Quincy Gilmore. Years ago a horrified Gilmore discovered his father’s body in his study. His father was killed to prevent him from exposing the members of the “Murder Club,” a group of nine rich socialites who murdered for pleasure and for greed. Gilmore, at that time a 24-year-old Yale graduate and former gridiron star, was left an orphan and the heir to his father’s fortune. To the eyes of the world he remained James Gilmore, a bored socialite playboy of Newkirk City (which later appeared in a Dan Fowler story). In secret, however, he trained himself and became Mister Death, the man who deals death to those who deserve it.

As Mister Death he dresses all in black, from his mask to his cloak and gloves. His methods are lethal, as the members of the Murder Club soon discover. After Mister Death strikes he leaves a small white card on the body of his victims; on the card are the words “Alias Mister Death.” These are the words that soon put all of Newkirk City into a nervous, fear-filled uproar. After all nine members of the Murder Club have been killed Mr. Death supposedly dies in a plane crash. Gilmore actually bails out at the last moment and then begins traveling around the world, trying to forget. Unfortunately, he discovers that Newkirk City is actually riddled with graft and evil, and so he returns to work.

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