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Merrivale, Professor. Professor Merrivale was created by “Arlton Eadie,” the pseudonym of Leopold Eady (Inspector Renshaw) and appeared in “The World Wrecker” (Weird Tales, Apr-June 1929).

Professor Merrivale is a Mad Scientist. Terry Hinton, a reporter in London, goes to the home of Professor Merrivale to consult with him about an ad which the paper has just received. In the ad a man calling himself the Autocrat of the World announces his plans to CONQUER THE WORLD! by knocking the planet out of orbit with antigravity gas unless he is declared ruler of the Earth. Merrivale tells Hinton that the Autocrat’s threat is feasible and that the world should do as the Autocrat says. Hinton suspects Merrivale and soon discovers that Merrivale is the Autocrat. Merrivale’s threat is ignored and he begins releasing antigravity gas, which begins shifting the orbit of the Earth. Hinton finds the source of Merrivale’s gas and discovers Merrivale trying to rape his secretary. Hinton shoots Merrivale and the British navy releases quantities of the gas, on the other side of the planet, to drive the Earth back into its proper orbit.

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