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Méchante, Lady. Lady Méchante was created by Gelett Burgess (Astro the Seer) and appeared in thirty-five stories which were collected in Lady Méchante or Life as it Should Be (1909).

Lady Méchante is a Lupin. She is Mrs. Florizelle Gaillarde, twice a widow, first to a British Prohibitionist and second to a clever burglar. Bored with the tedium of Society and its inhabitants and the crudity of ordinary criminals, she despairs of doing anything interesting until an associate of her second husband inadvertently inspires her to become a second-story woman. She steals and swindles her way across the United States, enriching herself at others’ expense. In one case she even uses a fake Martian to swindle upper-class Bostonians. She is high-spirited, quick-witted, and nimble-fingered, and until the very end immune to the lures of desire and good-looking men.

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