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McDade, Violet. Violet McDade was created by Cleve F. Adams (Canavan & Kleinschmidt, Engelhardt & Dewey, Rex McBrideSteve McCloud, Bill Rye, John J. Shannon) and appeared in fifteen stories in Clues from 1935 to 1938, beginning with “Page Violet McDade!” (Clues, Jan. 1935).

Violet McDade used to be a circus fat lady. She remains obese, but is now a private detective. “Violet McDade in a night club is as conspicuous as an elephant in an aquarium. It isn’t altogether her prodigious size, nor is it her atrocious taste in clothes. Rather, it is a combination of these things added to the manner of a precocious child bent on attracting attention.” Beneath her bulk is a lot of muscle, and she is as tough, if not more so, as any of her male counterparts. She can be as rough as they are, as well, although she has the de rigeur sentimental heart. She is nobody's fool and is very money conscious. She works in Hollywood and environs, smashing through whatever difficulties stand between her and solving a case and catching a criminal. She is a capable detective, her weight never slows her down in pursuit of a criminal, and she is quick and accurate with her guns.

McDade’s partner is Nevada Alvarado, a Mexican of Aztec descent who isn’t quite as smart as McDade but is just as tough. Alvarado is slim, dark-haired, and attractive. She is often driven crazy by McDade, whose approach and attitude is often grating, but Alvarado makes more money with McDade than she would anywhere else, and stays with McDade despite her personality.

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