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McArthur, Ranny. Ranny McArthur was created by George C. Henderson (Bullwhip Adams, Apache & Wagonwheel, Whizz Fargo, Vinegaroon Sherman, Tomahawk) and appeared in a number of stories in The Lone Ranger Magazine in 1937, beginning with “Boomer-Buckaroo” (The Lone Ranger Magazine, Apr. 1937).

Ranny McArthur is a wandering cowboy on the western frontier. “He was a cool customer, was this lean, lanky boomer cowboy in the wide-brimmed Stetson and bullhide chaps...schooled in gunfighting, bullet-scarred from many a ruckus, Ranny was too chuck-full of gun savvy to bust up a strange place without investigating.” He wields black-handled, blue-steel Colts.

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