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Masked Marvel. The Masked Marvel was created by Royal Cole (Professor Ernst), Ronald Davidson (Rex Bennett, The Lightning, Nyoka), Basil Dickey (Black Hawk, James Blake, Jack Holt (II), Phantom Rider, Purple Monster, Lance Reardon, Stanley Stanfield, Tiger Woman), Grant Nelson (Lance Reardon), George H. Plympton (Jack Holt (II), Lothel, Doctor Miller, Phantom Rider, Vanishing Rider, Wild Boy, Zara), and Joseph Poland (Rex Bennett, Lance Reardon) and appeared in the film serial The Masked Marvel (1943).

The Masked Marvel is a Costumed Avenger. No one knows the identity of the Masked Marvel, but they know to summon him when trouble threatens, and when the American war industry is being sabotaged by Sakima, a Yellow Peril Japanese spy, Warren Hamilton, an insurance company executive, calls on the Marvel for help. Hamilton is murdered, Hamilton’s daughter Alice discovers that humble Bob Barton is actually the Marvel, and the Marvel captures Sakima and his co-conspirator, Warren Hamilton’s competitor in the insurance company.

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