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Marvin, Jack. Jack Marvin was created by George Frederic Stratton (Fred Cawthorne, Sam Graves) and appeared in four stories in The Saturday Evening Post in 1909, beginning with “The Net and the Quarry” (Saturday Evening Post, Apr 3, 1909).

Jack Marvin is a hard-working man with a husband and three children to feed. But when he falls off the top of a grain elevator, he breaks two ribs and a collarbone, forcing him into fourteen weeks’ recuperation time. That wipes out his savings, and he is forced to take work at a packing house for a pittance. Fortunately for Marvin, he discovers that the sled he makes for his son is actually worth three’ days pay at the packing house, and that the more sleds he makes the more money he can make. What follows is a Horatio Alger story, but with a more realistic slant, as Marvin overcomes realistic troubles to make his fortune and to help his friends do the same.

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