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Marquis of Broadway. The Marquis of Broadway was created by John Lawrence (Sam Beckett, Barton Black, Cass Blue, Drago, Barron Hargraft) and appeared in twenty-eight stories in Dime Detective Magazine from 1937 to 1948, beginning with “Broadway Malady” (Dime Detective Magazine, Feb. 1937).

The Marquis of Broadway is a Killer Vigilante. Marty Marquis, Lieutenant of the Broadway Squad in New York City, is well-known and well-liked by everyone except criminals: “it was said that one person out of nine on Broadway knew the Marquis by sight.” However, Marquis is shrewd, amoral, wants to rule “half the city’s thieves,” and is happy to commit crimes, terrorize those in the city he doesn’t like, and turn loose the twenty-two officers under him to steal and kill whenever they want. Marquis is usually well-dressed in the gangster style, down to black kid gloves. His best friend is Sid Lajoie, the richest bookie on Broadway.

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