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Marple, Jane. Jane Marple was created by Agatha Christie (Superintendent Battle, Tommy & Tuppence Beresford, Hercule Poirot, Parker Pyne, Harley Quin, Colonel Race, Solving Six) and appeared in twenty-six stories and serials and fifteen novels and short story collections from 1927 to 1976, beginning with “The Tuesday Night Club” (The Royal Magazine, Dec. 1927).

Jane Marple is a Spinster Detective. She begins as a member of the Solving Six before branching out on her own. She is an elderly spinster, modest and more than a little retiring. She is not, however, mild or particularly meek. She is simply well-mannered. Her mind is quite clear, incisive, and well-disciplined, and she is, in the finest traditions of amateur detectives, able to see what others cannot or do not and make quick, lengthy, and accurate deductions based on what she sees or knows. Marple lives in the small English village of St. Mary Mead, from which she has observed human nature for years and drawn the proper conclusions about it. She is tall and thin, with long white hair and soft blue eyes; she usually wears black dresses. Her hobby is knitting.

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