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MariPepa. Maripepa was created by “Coronel Ignotus,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author José de Elola y Gutiérrez, and appeared in seventeen novels from 1918 to 1935, beginning with Viajes Planetarios del Siglo XXII.

Mari “Maripepa” Josefa Mureba is a inventor of SCIENCE! in Seville in the 22nd century. A legacy creates the Institute for Interplanetary Travel, which is made up of Spanish scientists and a “handsome Portuguese technician,” and for the Institute Pepa creates the “orbimotor,” an anti-gravity device which allows her to create a spaceship, the huge Novimundo, an “autoplanetoide,” which she uses to visit the planets of the solar system and to adventure among the aliens on the planets. Conflict with the imperialist Atlantic Empire of the U.S. and the U.K., and their agent Colonel Sara Sam Bull of the atmospheric navy, follows.

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