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Maria, José (II). José Maria (1800-1844) was a notorious bandit in Córdoba in Spain. He was active in the Sierra Morena mountains, and is known for declaring that “the King may rule Spain, but I rule the Sierras.” He appeared as the hero of José Maria. El Rey de Sierra Morena #1-12 (1931), written by the Spanish author Ernesto Perez Donaz (Diego Corrientes, Cortacabezas, Jaime el Barbudo, Fred (II), Musketeer of the Sea, Nanuk, Quiquet, Ruggiero, Simbad, Trabucaires), and José Maria. El Tempranillo. El Rey de Sierra Morena #1-24 (1935?).

The fictional José Maria is portrayed as a high-spirited, light-hearted Gentleman Bandit who is the leader of the Seven Children of Écija, operating in the Sierra Morena mountains. He appears in stories with titles like “The Temper of Steel.”

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