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March, Justin. Justin March was created by Sydney Horler (Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp, Brian Fordinghame, Rex Hartley, Martin HuishGerald Lissendale, George Meatyard, Nighthawk, Sebastian Quin, Tiger Standish, Baron Veseloffsky, Dr. Paul Vivanti) and appeared in Enter the Ace (1941), Hell’s Brew (1952), and Dark Night (1953).

Justin March is a South African who “appears to have been sent into the world to look for trouble. He really loves adventure for its own sake...wherever danger beckons, he has always answered the call...he has already seen service in many foreign wars....” He is twenty-eight, slim, muscular, a polyglot and a lover of freedom, and when he visits England he gets involved in fighting German espionage. Later he fights the Soviets.

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