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Man in Grey (II). The Man in Grey (II) was created by Baroness Orczy (Lady Molly, Old Man in the Corner, Hector Ratichon, Scarlet Pimpernel, Skin O’My Tooth) and appeared in nine stories in The Story-teller and a story collection, beginning with "A Story of Silver-Leg" (The Story-teller, Dec. 17, 1917). 

The Man in Grey (II) is Monsieur Fernand, a self-described “secret agent” and officer of His Imperial Majesty Napoleon I. Fernand works in a rural province in western France in 1809, enforcing Napoleon’s law and bringing justice to murderers and thieves. Fernand dresses all in grey, is a good, insightful detective, with a keen eye for detail and both determination and intelligence in abundance. He has no objections to killing in the pursuit of justice.

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