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Mallaby, James. James Mallaby was created by "Bruce Norman," the pseudonym of Norman George Denny, and appeared in The Thousand Hands (1926) and Black Pawn (1927).

James Mallaby is a “short, stoutish, elderly” British man who works for an undefined branch of the British government as a spymaster. Immediately after World War One he was active in Germany and Eastern Europe, fighting the Soviets and Reds, but they became a minor threat compared to the “super-capitalists” who don’t need to overthrow governments because they can easily corrupt existing ones. Mallaby is a “nerveless” man who, though mostly a handler rather than a field agent, is still capable of doing “things with a revolver that did not seem possible outside the fiction of the Far West.” He and his agents deal with Mad Scientists whose inventions pose a threat to the world.

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