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Mabuse, Doctor. Dr. Mabuse was created by the German author Norbert Jacques and appeared in three novels and eight films from 1921 to 1964, beginning with “Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler” (Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, Sept. 25, 1921 to Jan. 29, 1922).

Dr. Mabuse is a Superhuman. Mabuse is a criminal mastermind intent on world destruction. Worse still, he is a psychiatrist who uses his psychiatric knowledge and abilities at hypnotism and telepathy–he can summon visions to control weaker personalities–and disguise for his own nefarious ends. Among his other operations are counterfeiting rings, gambling halls, brothels, murder rings, and kidnaping operations. He is pursued by Police Inspector von Wenk. Mabuse gains his fortune by manipulating the stock market, ruining the weak Count Told and exploiting Countess Told, a "debauched thrill-seeking aristocrat." Mabuse also exploits his own girlfriend, the ballerina Cara Carozza, who is nonetheless slavishly loyal to Mabuse.

Although Mabuse begins as something of an anti-hero, defying a decadent and corrupt German society, by the second part of the twenty reel serial he has become a thorough-going villain, and he kills Cara to guarantee her silence (she'd been grilled by Countess Told earlier but had refused to turn coat), kidnaps and tortures Countess Told, and kills Count Told. Mabuse finally goes insane, haunted by the ghosts of his victims, and is imprisoned in an asylum.

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