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Lu, Fourth Madam. Fourth Madam Lu was created by the Chinese creator Yeung Kung Leong (Charlie, Chinese Scientist, Chinese Thief, Chinese Vampire) and appeared in at least five movies from 1940 to 1959, possibly beginning with Lu Siniang.

The Ming scholar Lu Wancun and his family are sentenced to death by the new Qing court, and only Lu’s granddaughter Siniang survives. She trains herself in the martial arts and joins Shen Zaikun and other revolutionaries to overthrow the Qing Emperor Yongzheng. He sends his best men after Shen and the revolutionaries, and the Emperor’s agents manage to kill Shen with the dreaded Flying Guillotine. Sinniang goes after Yongzheng and kills him. Later on, after marriage to Jade Face Tiger, she becomes not quite such a good person and engages in horse thievery.

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