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Los. Los was created by the Russian author Alexei Tolstoi (Garin, Russian Scientist) and appeared in Aelita (1922); the novel was filmed in 1924.

Los is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a Soviet scientist and inventor whose wife has recently died; he was too busy to acknowledge her while he was perfecting his rocket. Now the rocket is done, but Los is a grieving widower. Despite (or perhaps because) of this he decides to go to Mars. He takes with him his friend Gusev, a Red Army officer, and Archibald Skyles, an American newspaper reporter. However, once they reach Mars they discover that it is inhabited by a fascist civilization of aliens who are the descendants of ancient emigrants from Atlantis. Los falls in love with Aelita, the daughter of the Martian dictator, the chairman of the Supreme Council, and together they and Gusev lead a rebellion and overthrow the fascist government of Mars and institute a Communist paradise.

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