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The Lone Eagle (II). The Lone Eagle (II) was created by “Lt. Scott Morgan,” the pseudonym of F.E. Reichnitzer (Captain Danger (II), Larry Weston), and appeared in seventy-six stories in The Lone Eagle, Sky Fighters, and The American Eagle from 1933 to 1943, beginning with “No Man’s Air” (The Lone Eagle #1, Sept. 1933).

John Masters is the Lone Eagle, “the World’s Greatest Sky Fighter.” He is an air ace and veteran of both World Wars. During World War One Masters works in France as a special agent for Colonel Tremaine, the chief of American Air Intelligence. However, “John Masters” is only a dull newspaper reporter for a Chicago daily; he receives none of the credit. It is the Lone Eagle who receives all the glory and fame, and only Tremaine and the French General Viaud know of Masters’ deeds. The Eagle has no other friends or assistants–he is truly the Lone Eagle. Among the opponents the Eagle takes on are the Lemmings, a group of masked German suicide pilots; the Ring of the Nachrichtendienst, a group of German spies; and R-47, the best spy that Germany has, the Eagle’s Loving Enemy, and an air ace almost the equal of the Eagle.

In February 1940 The Lone Eagle suddenly jumped ahead in time, from World War One to World War Two. Masters is returning to America on a liner when a U-boat sinks it. This spurs Masters to resume the fight against Germany, and he returns to England, working with Pierre Viaud, the son of Masters’ old friend, and Henri Laval, a French pilot. During World War Two Masters fights a new R-47, the daughter of the original.

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