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Little, Bert. Bert Little was created by Clyde A. Warden and appeared in seventy stories in Western Trails from 1930 to 1938, beginning with “Colt Justice” (Western Trails, Jan. 1930).

Bert Little is a cowboy wanderer in the American southwest, particularly the area around the Rio Grande, in the years after the Civil War. He is tall, cool, lean and lithe, and is accompanied only by his horse King and his wolf-like dog Buck, as “I’m pretty much the kind that likes to be left alone.” Little is silent, grim, and nearly existentialist in his philosophy: “A man can only die once and after it’s over with, he’s got nothin’ left to bother with.” Little has an unusually good Rogues Gallery for a pulp cowboy: the Unseen One, a criminal mastermind operating from a ghost town; the Red Raiders, a marauding band of killers operating along the border; Señor Death, a mysterious masked rider; The Headless One, a glowing headless rider; the Rattler, who wears a snakeskin mask to conceal his identity; and the Black Shadow, a criminal who appears to be immortal and apparently can not be killed.

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