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Lissendale, Gerald. Gerald Lissendale was created by Sydney Horler (Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp, Brian Fordinghame, Rex Hartley, Martin Huish, Justin March, George Meatyard, Nighthawk, Sebastian Quin, Tiger Standish, Baron Veseloffsky, Dr. Paul Vivanti) and appeared in The Secret Service Man (1929), Closed Door (1948), and The Blade is Bright (1952).

Lord Lissendale is a “huge, extremely well-dressed man, immaculately groomed, unmistakably English.” He is well-mannered, genial, and generally good company. That’s all a ruse, of course. He’s a conscienceless sociopath who enjoys torture and inflicting mutilation and is known in Paris as Le Monstre (the Monster).

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