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Li Mu Bai. Li Mu Bai was created by the Chinese author Wang Dulu and appeared in He Tie Xilie (1941-1946?). He Tie Xilie is a pentalogy spanning four generations; Li Mu Bai only appears in the middle three novels.

Li Mu Bai is a Nüxia/Wüxia. Li Mu Bai falls in love with Yu Shu Lien, but she is to be married to Li’s sworn brother Meng, and when Meng dies Li decides that he and Yu can only be good friends. Li receives the great sword, Green Destiny, and is given a book on martial arts from a Buddhist monk, and begins training. He perfects his martial skill, but then the Green Destiny is stolen, Yu is forced to fight a girl she thought was a friend, and then Yu dies of disease.

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