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Li Ku Yu. Li Ku Yu was created by M.P. Shiel (Cummings King Monk) and appeared in "To Arms!" (The Red Magazine, Jan. 1 to Mar. 15, 1913), and was later expanded into The Dragon (1913).

Li Ku Yu is a Yellow Peril. His philosophy is that “Orientals” are the master race, and that they are destined to wipe out all whites everywhere. What makes it worse for Li is that while in school in England he is spurned by a white woman and he quarrels with “Teddy,” a.k.a. Edward, the Prince of Wales. Li leaves England and returns to China. He rises to power in China and begins engineering a conflict between European nations, one that he and China can take advantage of. So Great Britain and France end up warring on Germany and Russia, with Austria and Sweden warring on Russia, Denmark and Sweden fighting Germany, and Italy warring on France. The Prince of Wales leads the British navy against the enemies of the Crown, and after Chinnery, a brilliant British inventor, comes up with an antigravity machine, Teddy leads the antigravity fleet of aircraft against Britain's enemies.

Unfortunately, Chinnery's mistress, Oyone, is Eurasian, and she steals the secret of antigravity from Chinnery and passes it on to Li, who builds a fleet of antigrav craft and uses them, along with his vast army, to crush Asia and Europe. Chinnery then invents the Redlike Ray, a laser-like beam that induces blindness, and Teddy uses the Ray on Li’s forces, which are perched on the edge of the Channel, ready to invade England. The Chinese armies, blinded, surrender, and Li commits suicide after penning a note of congratulations for Teddy.

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