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Leslie, Bart. Bart Leslie was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Alan Buell, Dragoman, Ted Dustin, Robert Grandon, Jan of the Jungle, Tam) and appeared in “The Demon of Tlaxpam” (Weird Tales, Jan. 1929) and “The Cyclops of Xoatl” (Weird Tales, Dec. 1936).

Bart Leslie is a ranch hand and adventurer in the American southwest, although he often goes into Mexico. He is known as “Two-Gun Bart, the great Devil-Fighter.” He carries a pair of six-guns and uses them, frequently, against bad men, whether in battle against “the Gila Men, a dread order of bandits, counterfeiters, kidnapers and murderers” or, in the small Mexican town of Tlaxpam, against a costumed Yaqui intent on decapitating Mexicans as vengeance for family deaths.

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